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 Young Adult Round-Up


What is this NEW Leadership Model?

For the past four years, we have used a Council model to plan diocesan events to meet the needs of young adults in the Diocese. This Council model was very successful in the early days. There was a lot of energy and a lot of events happening during the year. But as parish young adult ministry groups have begun to develop, leaders for diocesan events have dwindled. Our new leadership model, developed from several meetings with young adults in October and November 2011, focuses on networking together existing parish young adult ministry groups to plan and implement shared young adult ministry events.


How will this leadership work?

Twice a year planning meetings will be held that we are calling a "Round-Up." This means that we hope to round-up a representative or two from each parish young adult ministry group that exists and even representatives from parishes that do not presently have a young adult ministry but have young adults that want to partner with parishes to make events happen. We will need a couple of standing positions just to keep things organized:

  • Round-Up Coordinator
  • Someone to take notes at the meetings and send them out to everyone
  • Someone who will publicize the shared events. Support for these leaders and the round-ups will come from the Director of Young Adult Ministry, Jeff Hedglen


What happens at the Round-Up?

The gathered representatives will eat lunch together and pray and then get down to work. At each Round-Up, the group will plan shared young adult ministry events for the next 12 months that will become the diocesan young adult ministry calendar. Events can be a parish event that is opened to the Diocese or an event to respond to the needs of young adults named from the brainstorming session during the Round-Up. Events should always meet needs and all events will be evaluated. No event will make the calendar unless a parish group or cluster of parish groups agrees to do the planning and implementing of the event.